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The First Episode Of... is an occasional podcast about audio drama and the creative process hosted by W. Keith Tims. In each show, I listen to the first episode of an indie audio drama, then have a discussion with the creators about the show, their methods, their struggles, and successes. It's a great conversation for anyone interested in storytelling and creativity, and with so much talent and variety out there, you're sure to find your next favorite audio drama by listening.

If you are an audio drama creator and would like to be on our show, send an email to!

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Jan 30, 2022

ItMe!, the creator of the one-person sci-fi drama InCo, talks about self-discovery through podcasting, black representation in sci-fi/fantasy, writing a character's voice, and why she's not fond of sci-fi.

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Jan 23, 2022

Ed Bachta, writer, producer, and sole performer of the paranormal comedy InSpectre talks about restarting the show after an unplanned hiatus, jokes for jokes’ sake, finding a personal writing style, getting ideas onto the page, and puns.

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Jan 16, 2022

Writer and producer Morgan Greensmith discusses their queer urban fantasy-horror The Attic Monologues, their love of the Classics, connecting to the audience through slice-of-life, the Exeter University Podcast Society, and pacing the narrative in podcasts.

The Attic Monologues can be found on most major podcast...

Jan 9, 2022

The writer and director of the epic fantasy Omen, Tim Krause, discusses turning his tabletop role-playing game into an audio drama, the challenges of doing without a narrator, writing fantasy dialog, collaborating with his partner Sarah Rhea Werner, and setting realistic expectations.

Omen: A Fantasy Audio Drama can be...