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The First Episode Of... is an occasional podcast about audio drama and the creative process hosted by W. Keith Tims. In each show, I listen to the first episode of an indie audio drama, then have a discussion with the creators about the show, their methods, their struggles, and successes. It's a great conversation for anyone interested in storytelling and creativity, and with so much talent and variety out there, you're sure to find your next favorite audio drama by listening.

If you are an audio drama creator and would like to be on our show, send an email to!

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Aug 28, 2022

For the 50th episode special, host W. Keith Tims becomes the interviewee with guest host Kris Kaiyala, as they discuss a year of podcasting, The Book of Constellations, music as mood, training your brain to write, and writing with empathy and authenticity.

The Book of Constellations is available on most major...

Aug 21, 2022

Creator Alex Dolan and Producer Vince Dajani talk about their crime thriller The Patron Saint of Suicides, adapting a novel to audio drama, using contrasts to create tension, fiction as a tool to tackle difficult subjects, and why you shouldn't write "likable" characters.

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Aug 14, 2022

Dom Guilfoyle talks about their supernatural anthology The Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality, working with the That's Not Canon podcast collective, developing a show based on your limitations, wrestling with imposter syndrome, and finding a balanced ending.

Listen to The Mistholme Museum of...

Aug 7, 2022

Jessica Berson discusses her metaphysical drama Echoes (in) Between, generational trauma, throwing wrenches into the narrative, midlife crossroads, and why writing friends is more interesting than writing romance.

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Aug 2, 2022

The creators of The First Episode Of & The Book of Constellations and Delivery are creating a new audio drama: The Love Talker, now in production. We're excited to bring you a short teaser, "Hiding Day."

The Love Talker is a folk horror audio drama that launches in 2022. Visit for...