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The First Episode Of... is an occasional podcast about audio drama and the creative process hosted by W. Keith Tims. In each show, I listen to the first episode of an indie audio drama, then have a discussion with the creators about the show, their methods, their struggles, and successes. It's a great conversation for anyone interested in storytelling and creativity, and with so much talent and variety out there, you're sure to find your next favorite audio drama by listening.

If you are an audio drama creator and would like to be on our show, send an email to!

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Oct 31, 2021

Maria Fernanda Vidaurrazaga and JT Lachausse discuss their fantasy western RADIO: Outcast, outsiders in the Gilded Age, 80s music, Samurai Champloo, and how working together strengthened their friendship.

You can find RADIO: Outcast on most major podcast platforms, or at

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Oct 24, 2021

Newton Schottelkotte talks about their mystery adventure Where The Stars Fell, writing and sound designing for characters with disabilities, what audio drama pilots live and die by, Gravity Falls, and managing their work/life balance.

Where The Stars Fell can be heard on most major podcast platforms, or at

Oct 17, 2021

Chrisi Talyn Saje talks about her radio-riff comedy Madison on the Air, her love of Old Time Radio, two-way social commentary, theatre of the mind, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and the challenges of marketing.

Madison on the Air can be heard on most major podcast platforms, or at

Oct 10, 2021

Writer Johnathan Cohen discusses his anthology of original gay fairy tales, writing morality from new perspectives, working with indie network Faustian Nonsense, and undergoing major surgery as a source of inspiration.

The Lavender Tavern can be found on most major podcast platforms or at

Oct 3, 2021

Skyler Giordano discusses his improvised sci-fi show with RPG roots Omega Star 7, his influences such as Taika Waititi and George Lucas, nostalgia for the 80s, struggling with ADHD, and transitioning from an Actual Play podcast to an audio drama.

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